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Gym Noise Control

Noise Control Materials solves the problem of reverberation and echo in the gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms.

Gymnasiums or Gym’s, auditoriums, cafeterias, and other multipurpose rooms are areas filled with hard reflective surfaces that cannot absorb the reverberating sound waves reflecting around the room. We can help you solve the problem of reverberation and echo in the gym and multipurpose rooms. Gym’s filled with hard reflective flooring and walls like a concrete block and hardwood floors, there is always a need to consider noise reduction for gym and multipurpose rooms during construction and afterward.

To solve gymnasium and other multipurpose sound issues we recommend that gym should use acoustical wall panels, acoustical ceiling panels, ceiling banners, baffles, call to speak to one of our sound specialists for free consultation and customized solutions. Acoustical, Noise control products and technical solutions provided by our engineers, based on your acoustical application. Some applications are listed below.

Gymnasium Noise Control
Noise pollution is neglected in educational institutions, although it can cause multiple negative effects on students and teachers. T
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Classroom Noise Control
Classroom design and layouts with good acoustics help students understand what educators are teaching and allows students to have a better understanding of the lessons with fewer distractions.
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Music Room Noise Control
Music Room Noise Control not only is the sound quality important inside the rooms, but sound blocking from adjoining rooms and mechanical noises is critical.
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All Noise Control help you solve the problem of reverberation and echo in the gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms:

Reduce the amount of echoes in the gym so athletes can clearly hear the coach’s voice and each other

Decrease the amount of sound leaked to other parts of the building so sound from the gym doesn’t disturb others

Improve the health and safety of everyone by reducing the noise level in the gym

We manufacture multiple products such as ceiling banners, clouds, acoustic wall panels and more that can hang or be fitted into gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias and other multipurpose rooms to solve a host of sound control and noise control issues.