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Acoustical Banners

Acoustic Banners are commonly referred to Sound Absorbing banners and are high efficiency flexible banners that provide exceptional sound absorption and are typically used in large rooms like gymnasiums.

Gymnasiums have wood floors, block walls and metal roofs that create reverb. Acoustical Banners designed to solve this problem, Acoustic Banners are a ceiling treatment designed to absorb echo and reverb. Acoustic Banners also reffered as Sound Barrier and are highly effective for absorbing sound due to being suspended. Being suspended allows the noise to be absorbed on the front and back side of the sound baffle.

Acoustical Banners are available in a multiple colors and create architectural appeal in places such as schools and gyms. Sound banners are offered in a variety of applications,  PVC covering is excellent for areas or rooms that need to be cleaned or exposed to moisture such as indoor pools and dog kennels. Acoustical Banners are also available in sail cloth and rip-stop nylon for high abuse areas such as gymnasiums where basketballs and other activities may require a material that is rugged.

Installation of acoustical banner material reduce reverberation time in harsh acoustical environment. Acoustical Banners shall be located and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans and/or detailed on the interior elevation drawings and as indicated on room finish schedule. Sound Banners are easy to attach to existing structures in a variety of ways.






Acoustic Banners Physical Properties

  • Cloth Cover: Aluminum vinyl coated fiberglass cloth
  • Thickness: 1″ thick (4′ x custom length)
  • Width: 48″ (or custom)
  • Length: Custom
  • Geometric Shape: Rectangular
  • Surface Finish : PVC Perforated One Side
  • Core: 1# fiberglass
  • Fire Rating: passes ASTM E84 Class I fire rating passes FMVS S .302 and FAR 25.283
  • Flame Spread: 17.66
  • Edge Construction: Heat Sealed
  • Suspection Provision : (washer plates) (stiffeners) (cable)
  • Incombustability : Class “A” per ASTM E-84 25/0/50
  • Acoustical Performance : 0.70 N.R.C.