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Gymnasium Noise Control

Gym Noise Control

Noisy Gym Transformed into Lecture Hall

The University of Appalachia / Pharmacy School had typical needs like other institutions… budget concerns and to make the most of existing space. The challenge of turning a noisy gym into a sound lecture hall for a true
multi-purpose space.

Noise Control Challenge

Multi-purpose spaces.. wonderful spaces that often give schools and colleges alot more space and function, most importantly cost-eectively solving budget and/or space restraints. University of Appalachia was no different in the need for more room. Thei gymansium if handled properly could house large audiences and serve as a lecture hall. However like all gymnasiums.. the large space, hard refective surfaces are perfect environment for echo and loud reverberation problems.

All Noise Control immediately understood the task at hand and the problems that came with it. Offering a simple, solid solution would fit within their budget and provide a product with little interruption and quick installation. The ANC-600 Ceiling Baffes are perfect for any echo and reverberation problem… especially those in gymnasiums and large spaces. They are installed in the ceiling and do a fantastic job of absorbing the renegade sound waves that great the reverberation. The Class A fire-rated lightweight panels were also a safe solution the University. The baffles come in a variety of colors in PVC and Fabric covering and can acheive an aesthetic look with their nished look. There simply is no better product to hang from the ceilings which absorbs sound waves as the ANC-600. With thickness of 1” or 2” the NRC rating range can be anywhere from .90 to 1.15

The panels are installed approx 30” apart over the entire reverberant area and can result in an astounding 4 to 12 decibel reduction in general noise.

Noise Control Solution Results

The result was a pleasing, cost-eective sound absorption product which reduced noise considerably allowing the gymnasium to become a sound lecture hall. Bringing clarity to lecture noises and for gym events a considerable noise reduction making the gym an overall more pleasing facility. The client was happy with the resullts of this large undertaking and is pleased with the ANC-600 baffes.

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